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Still exploring through the lockdown

Still exploring through the lockdown

Even though the country has been in lockdown for what seems like forever, we are still able to get outside once a day (and longer from tomorrow). 

Ragged Peak has been exploring the local area around Falmouth, and taking time to get to know some of the lesser-known pathways and byways nearer to home.

Heading out once a day makes you appreciate the outdoors much more. Taking more time to take in the views. Noticing the leaves coming to life on the trees. Seeing the changes that go forgotten during the rush of life.

One thing for sure, trying to make the walks different for the dog each day has been a challenge! 

Like everyone else, I cannot wait to be able to get outside properly and go exploring elsewhere round the wonderful coast of Cornwall. 

But just remember, even though we might be able to go out for longer and further come tomorrow, we must all stay vigilant. Keeping our distance and staying safe. 

I hope to see you out in the sea and on the coastal paths again soon... Just not too close ;)